Tips on Fixing Common Laser Engraver Problems

Engraving metal, wood and acrylic materials can be a lot of fun. In order for a person to be able to do this type of work they will need a laser engraver with functional laser tubes. Once a person has purchased the right engraver, their main focus should be keeping it in good working order.

Over time, a person will start to notice problems with their machine. Whether these problems are caused by laser alignment issues or a bad 150w laser tube, getting them fixed quickly is a must. Read below to find out about some of the most common laser engraver problems and how to address them.


Getting a Laser Absent Error Message

If a person starts to receive a laser absent error message when trying to use their engraver, they will have to do a bit of troubleshooting to figure out what is causing this problem. The first thing a person needs to check is the magnetic switch on the front of the door. If this switch is not fully engaged, it will give off this error message.

A person will also need to check the electrical lines going onto their laser. If these lines are loose, it will also lead to this type of error message.

Irregularities in the Engraving Process

When the laser engraver a person is using is not able to make simple cuts, chances are there are repair issues present. If the laser is unable to stay on its predetermined path, then the owner will need to get the alignment of their laser checked out.

Over time, the laser and 100 watt CO2 laser tube in a machine will begin to wear out. Having these items checked and serviced by professionals is a great way to avoid functionality issues.

Distorted Laser Engraving

Generally, the letters produced by an engraver will be straight and uniform. When these letters start to look distorted, the first thing a person will need to check are the runners. If these runners are loose, it can lead to instability that will cause this type of distortion.

Working with the right laser engraver professionals is essential when trying to find and fix issues with these machines. The professionals at Boss Laser have the knowledge and tools needed to repair a broken laser engraver with ease. Whether looking for a new machine or great laser tube prices, be sure to call the team at Boss Laser for help.

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